"...And then there’s Froskull. A four piece that speaks some sort of long-lost language from another time via two electric guitars, a drum kit decked out with plenty of bells and whistles, and a bass player lost in his drummer's beat. Talk about technically proficient. Talk about musical. Their set opened with syncopated chiming bells and then slashed through your ears with a traditional four piece that has firmly lost any interest in doing less than blowing your mind. Classic rock meets heavy metal meets triple guitar tapping (tapping on a bass!) meets the Klingon Afterlife. These guys sound like they could be hired to play entrance music for The God of Tarantulas. I mean, every guitar solo was another journey to the top of Mt. Everest on fast forward. And though they be trekkies, you can take my word that these guys can ROCK.... Froskull made it known to everyone at The End that they like to “play notes.”"
 - Dave Armstrong, Neoteric Nashville (Mar 20, 2013)
"How awesome is this? A band from Nashville that doesn’t play country. These guys play progressive technical rock and do it in such a fashion that my ears just went HELL YEAH! And not a country style hell yeah either… After the interesting 30 second intro of shredding guitar, the thunder cracks, and in comes a haunting track that is so beautifully laced with industrial/electronic sounds, acoustic and electric guitar, and a vocal track that reminds me a little of Filter crossed with Ministry. The other tracks that these guys have available to listen to are well worth checking out too. This is a really interesting band who will find a mainstream audience hard to come by, but those who do discover them will surely enjoy what is on offer and rate them highly. Heading down a different path can be very rewarding for music lovers sometimes."
 - The Truth Reviews (Oct 12, 2012)
I played some of your stuff to my son yesterday, and he was quite blown away. All the best.

WOW! Words cant describe how great you guys are. Your music is a journey to the corners of my mind. A true brain orgasm.

hey!! these are songs i would definately buy. you all are talented as hell. probably the best thing ive heard on reverbnation so far.


really like the sound you guys have.

Kinda reminds me of yes. Just with wickeder vocals and guitar! Great stuff.

I dont like to critisize fellow musicians..i mean..who the hell am i..right? I give credit to anyone who puts themselves out there and does the best they can..but i have to be honest..tonight i was jumping around checking out various artists on here and having a hard time staying awake..and then i stumbled upon your page..and man i gotta tell u guys...youre friggin amazing..on so many levels...very distinctive,unique sound and the talent level in this band is through the roof..its so refreshing to hear and encouraging to know theres bands out there doin what u guys do...rock on guys

Whats good guys. Comin back through to show some love and jam out to you awesome tracks once again. Much Love from the Boro

Stopping by my Nashville neighbor...'Should Have Known' is one fine piece of artwork set to music! Much Respect! ~ Rod

Sounds great! Amazing talent and music! -Brian

Excellent rock! Unique sound! Outstanding!

Dig it! Cool name too.

Wait! Nice!

Cool stuff guys, keep it up.

absolutely love this stuff!

Wait - is freakin awesome! Love it!

Prog lives! Rock on!

excellent !!

"Froskull." Most original name and concept art on Reverb lol. Great stuff - love "Wait" - keep it up!

Liking the work you do here, and I became a fan with my first visit here. So another visit back here? I will do. That's what’s up!

I like Perihelion! Nice stuff!

Excellent guitar work here. Someone really knows scales and arpeggios:)

Just Awesome!!!

Always a thrill to listen here. Killer vocals on 'Wait'. As everything else on this page is just awesome. All the bset ~ kappi

Second time passing through, sounds as good as the first!! Best wishes to you this year!!

your page a fav. stop......is there a place here for me to camp?

Id love to remix wait. With a hip hop verse ??? ;).

 now this is what i call music, awesome!!!

This is music Darth Vader would even like.(Darth Vader was my CAPTCHA text and i always make it a point to include)
If someone said, "I'm gonna make a band that sounds like Yes, King Crimson, Stone Temple Pilots, Steve Vai, RUSH" I'd say, "Ya good luck with that" Well, this band happened to have good luck with that because mission accomplished! GREAT!GREAT!

Great Music here,
Thnx again
Peace. Nikko_The Fouaz

Bookmarked. great fusion of different genres & sounds great vocals & recording clarity. keep knockin' out these wicked tracks. awesome guitar licks too.. ;)

great work

great tunes

there is some magic going on with the guitars. rock!!

we will meet in the halls of.......
somewhere.. LOVE that song

Listening to wait. Quite a musical shock when the vocals come in. Very unexpected mood change when compared to the intro. I name thee bi-polar prog. Cheers...Fruit

Prog always a good thing in my book. Keep up the great work.


Hello, Nice arrangements, great sounds for the ear. Peace, Guy

Good shit! One of my favourite finds

There is little that I like more than hearing original, talented musicianship. Awesome guys!!!

Awesome! Brings me back to a great time in music!

i have to say everything ive listened to from yall is just amazing

Great music!

The originality of the music is outstanding!
Keep up the great sound and energy.

Such beautiful sounds and incredible musicianship.

Hi there;)
Great tunes!!!
So original;)

very cool stuff dig it keep up the great work..

Such amazing music and vocals are just fantastically bone chilling ! Could listen to it all day. Will definitely be coming back for more! Keep up the great work! -WoJo

always a pleasure to listen to your great tunes! :)

nice tunes/composition! -
keep doing what you're doing, it's audio brilliance! "here's to keeping REAL music alive, and to bringing down the top 100 billboard dominance of radio! -Nick 23-17 see you on the road, maybe our paths will cross (musically) one day. would be one wicked concert!

If there is such a thing as too much talent.... you guys have it. Definitely skilled at your craft, tasteful and interesting. Great job guys!!!

Really diggin' your sound and musicianship. Rock on.

Great work with ''Should Have Known''. Really great song. I wish it was available for download

Back for some rockin good prog!

excellent !........best regards

I like the Press where it says "How awesome is this? A band from Nashville that doesn't play country!! That is awesome, not that anything's wrong with country. It's cool to stand out!

love the music great vibe

great songs!!

Wait!!! WOW totally loving this tune. Awesome rocking beat!

Great work. Spectacular music, a pleasure to hear.


Wait is a fantastic tune! Will be back for more! Thanks for fanning and supporting original, Alaskan music.

You guys aren't just ouside of the box, you are in the sky!! I haven't told anybody that yet!! I just listened to all of your songs and favorited all of them. I will listen to them all the time now. Truly refreshing to here technique work with creativity!!

Excellent guitar work in Wait!! Cool change ups too. FroSkull you sound great!!!!

I wish I could do that.........

awesome arrangements

Wait is an amazing song.

I really like your music I would definitely buy your cd!

nice work


a f###in' amazing slice of prog!!!!

You guys have some really original sounding music. Am adding you on FB and favoriting here. Very excited to have randomly discovered you today!!

Wait is one of the very best new songs I have heard in years! Way to go guys.

cool tunes

Beautiful voice. Love the style. keep it up!


Whoa. A seriously different creature you are.

Well written tunage for sure! Professionally performed and recorded make listening thoroughly enjoyable! Rock on!

Cool sounds, real nice vibe. Love it

Incredible band awesome work guys congrats!!!!

had a listen to "Wait " and really enjoyed the song, arrangement, voice and fab rock style..good stuff!..your new friend dean..blessings and peace!

Awesome playlist... it has some quirky suprises and lots of drama - but in an unexpected way :)

Wait is stunning. Damn good band.

awesome tunes my dude

hey, nice tracks you got

Really liking 'Alabaster' great songs guys, nice work...

Loving the prog gentlemen! Keep on doing what you do. You ever come to Chicago, let us know, we'll be there!

Enjoying your great music this Thursday morning CHEERS MY FRIEND

heeeey ! very! cool now i listening you songs ! i glad tu be you fun ! awesome stuff you have there !

Great music, best wishes..d

Top notch arrangements and creativity!

P.S.: incredible drums on 'Wait'. Hats off! ~k.

Should have known ... makes me smile. Such a funny mix of elements and styles. Great bass/guitar work. Oh well, the technical eloquence is so obvious here. Great musicianship and taste!! All the best ~ kappi

Likin' your music. Have a nice day! :)

Very Nice Work, Really Enjoyed My Listen...>love your progressive work on songs, I really like your style and the dirty clear sounds

"Alabaster" made me a fan for life. Complex fusing of acoustic and electric with driving percussions. Brilliant!!!

Holy Carp, Batman! You guys are GOOD!

Excoiting 'Alabaster' reminding me of King Crimson/'Red' era meeting Soundgarden. Excellent bass work. Fab! All the best ~ kappi

You've got a Great sound and mucho creativity, along with delivering it !!!

superb ! all is excellent ! I'm your best fan..... love from France. val:)

"Froskull"-grabbed my attention from the 1st note of the 1st song and mesmerized throughout the whole playlist...powerfully unique and megatalented, they are a force to be reckoned with..serious buisness happening here, from the writing to the production of these amazing pieces of art

wow !! super awesome tracks !! Loved the listen !! especially lovin "Alabaster"..and shared it on my personal Facebook page :) all the best and thanks so much for the support..Jen ~ Australia ~

Awesome guitar playing on Alabaster. Nice juxtaposition of the acoustic and electric guitars. Great writing and arranging.

" Wait " great creative track.

Great Prog stuff. Keep up the great work.

Wait is a smokin hot tune. Great musicianship! Enjoyed my time in here.

Amazing guitar work. Cheers!

I like your mix of rock and some electronic elements in "Wait." I like the nice harmonies as well. Best regards, Vanessa

Nice arrangements. Good Luck to you.

enjoying wait, great guitar work, cool arrangment

Loving this Report From Ganymede!

Seriously cool compositions !!! "Should Have Known" sweet track !! Peace, LCB/jeffrey

Wait...awesome composition, arrangement & musicianship!.

HUGE sound and great vocals....Geoff

Great music and some awesome vocals. Shades of Yes :)

...intersting and great music !!!

Perihelion is a Awesome track. Reminds me of a cross The Who very cool stuff.

LoTs oF StYLeS, very sPeCiaL, interesting arrangement !!,awesome different vocals, a nEw great StYle is born, your great worx R brilliant ! ! excellent EntertAinment !!Respect,LoVe&PeAcE, GuNDi

wow.. great music...

It's Thursday and "we're here listening to some great sounds! Wicked guitar work on Alabaster!! Thx for hooking up guys!! TF

Super tunes guys! Great guitar, interesting hooks, great voice! Peace ~G

Great TRACKS...I wish you the BEST !...Many Greetings - Wolfgang


Great music guys! You've got a one of a kind sound that's awesome! Best regards on all your projects.

TOP SHELF music guys !! HUGE new fan !!! WILL

Amazing stuff! Serious chops! Crazy timing! Love it! TFC

Awesome Music!! all the best to you...

Brilliant, playing all !! Wishing you the best :)

Hi ! I listen to your music and enjoy it a lot .

Briliant music

WOW! very impressed. Kick Arss sound.

Thanks for sharing your excellent music!

Nice shreddin on 'Wait' excellent song!

jungle drum grooves under the acoustic guitar is way ahead of the curve ~ "wait"

"Wait" is a great tune!! Nice sound you have here..Thank you, Kathy

Excellent ~Very Well Done~ Rock Solid~

Stopping by once again to listen to "Alabaster". Keep up the great work and keep rockin.

Froskull one of my fav Music City bands!...'Alabaster' is blasting loud and clear! Top-notch Rock!!! ~ Rod

Great music!! And I really get a kick out of your logo, froskull!

Stoppin' in to my fellow Nashvillians...really love your sound. "Should Have Known" is a masterpiece! Production top-notch!

Excellent sound!! your music is awesome!! We give you all our support from Colombia!! We wish you many successes!!

F***in Awesome!!! Give us more!!!

Very nice!!

Hey guys, heard you on DJ CHaos' show on woodyradio.com love your music, hope to see you in Melbourne Australia.


It's refreshing to hear something different. Keep it up!

Adult swim + prog + exotic animal porn= froskull


every ounce of hipster in me tried so hard to hate Froskull but alas

YES!!! I love this and amazing Prog work! Killer tracks! Bravo! Simon :)

Just reviewed your cd for my website....the review will be up soon and your band is amazing

Very good new release. Lots of great energy in there!
Regards, Mat

"Wait" just put a huge smile on my face. Great guitar melodies in this one. You're super talented!

Way to go! Your music definitely stands out. It definitely deserves some accolades.

Froskull Look 'em up. Thank me later. I've had their CD in my car player for almost a year. And I have yet to tire of it.

 You guys have a great sound.

Greetings from Texas!
I'm blown away by your originality.
Yours' is truly fresh and great music!


 I'd love to get to hear your stuff live.

Damn, you guys are fucking good! Great instrumentals all around!

wow! great musicians! really dig your stuff!

your harmonies and arrangements are fresh & inventive, great to hear someone doing this kind of music right..

Wow! This is good stuff! Man you guys cover a really braod rang of styles! what else you workin with! Keep it on!

Stopping by to play some of your great tunes and show some support! Take care!

Visiting my N'ville neighbors...Fantastic progressive rock sound! 'Alabaster' and 'Wait!' are awesome pieces of work! ~ Rod

Excellent music here guys! Definitely unique with great arranging!

Excellent instrumentals. Awesome arrangements. You guys are really cutting edge.

Great music, great arrangements,
superb producer.。♫ ♪ ♫。Great work mate。

"I should have known" I'd be back 4 more !! Love the creativity !

dammit! you guys are awesome! 5 *****

Great jams! keep on rockin!

Nice to hear a fellow Nashvillian cranking out some killer rock! "Wait" is incredible! ~ Rod

Good sound here!
Greetings from Switzerland/Europe

Perihelion...flexable !

Thank you ... Great Work!

Much Support Rock on!

Hey, checked out your music and we are digging it!

Great music guys!...really enjoyed..

Whoa, you guys sound different from other artists I've heard. You have your own style, which isn't always easy to do. Congrats! :)

I love your music guys. You have a personal style, with an eclectic sound!
Cheers from Rome

Holy Guitar playing!! and freaking great voice here in this band wow! wow! wow I have to favorite you guys and hit play all on this page.

I really liked Perihelion and Should Have Known on here; keep it up!

This is an awesome song list!!! Peace.

Super great music, the originality, the style, the performance and production overall, definitively a fan!

Bangin sounds! Lurv the vibe! ;-)

"Wait" sounds great! Support!!

Damn.... Awesome sound guys, keep rockin those tracks

"Wait" is a wonderful tune!! Beautiful melody and great musicianship. Reminds me of Yes.

RAd!!! greetings from Louisiana!!

Awesome stuff guys, I realy like it!

Hey you guys are good! Great musicianship/mixing.

Awesome tracks !

Not only Rock, but that's generally music should be about. Awesome Compositions and performance! And your production is perfect. Excellent!!!

Excellent guys, thats a lot of talent all rolled into one. Love it !

"Excellent Compositions & Musicianship Skills" - Sincerely Jonah Watkins

WOW!!!! Awesome!!!

Awesome tunes!

WOW ! Alabaster is awesome guys !
I'll be coming back:)

Wait is a great track. Well put together. mixed and great vocal. Enjoy it a lot. Will be stopping by again.
good musicianship here!

I really enjoyed the music on your page froskull!!!

I also made sure to become a fan, and like your page on Facebook.

Congratulations on all your success and the many more rewards to come.
"Touch The World"
F.L. Freeman, Audio Engineer/ Mixer -
111 Entertainment LLC

Back to listen to your great music!!!

Great Sound! Reminds me of the old school prog rock

Keep Up The Great Work :)

You guys make Nashville sound goooood.

Just posted to facebook. Very different stuff and the musianship is just superb! Will play through and give my mind a dose of something very new!

Wait is just awesome!!

Oi, froskull! Muito legal as músicas! Parabéns!

Loving your music, great songs!

Cool tracks! Cheers, Susa :-)

Awesome sound froskull....!!!

cool prog dudes!

this is not a music that can be described at first listen, so I will back, greetings, cyril

Good music! Greetings from Brazil~Zen

Greetings from South Texas.

Excellent music!

Enjoy your music. Wishing you the best!...john/ALLRS Music - NARAS - CMA

Going through your songs now, skulls are usually for the baddies but the music is goodie, Liked, Linked, Fanned, Loved, Billy The Train Robber

Great music

great music here! oh yeah :-) i really like Should Have Known

Great stuff! Fantastic! Really enjoyed listening

Some very cool prog rockin in here

Tight band and songs,great all over,The best to you Froskull,Didorion

Awesome and cool music Stephen:)! Incredible guitar work and production!! Glad to be your fan:)

I like your sound. keep on rockin' :)

tasty guitar licks in "wait".. you've got some real skills!!love the progression! keep up the good work :)

NIce songs

Great tunes you have

Good work! greetings from IRAN

Great tracks ! :)

im listening to you right now and its so live in my room dope music..

Impressive!!!...Just amazed me!!!...Great!!!

Nice music!! I'm definitely a fan of your style.

Very interesting imaginative tracks here Well done

Rocking tunes!

Sweet ! Peace from Sunny Detroit City !

Hey Guys, I really am enjoying your music; beautiful work!

stopping by to "Wait" and listen! Zo

Great tracks to listen to Froskull.Great musicians & vocals.All the Best & Keep on Rockin'. b"d . Richard

 always a pleasure to listen to your great tunes!

Love "Wait" it's a real anthem!
Gerry Pearson

great performing here...Like the style!

Great Voice
Spike G2G

great sound, I here some King Crimson influence, esp. with the bass, Tony Franklin, roc o!

Exceptionally well composed ~ Rock Solid

love wait

Kick ass sounds you guys are putting out. Just love the lush sound of the vocals and the harmonies! Keep on rocking! Peace!

roccin good muzic

Nice tracks! Excellent musicianship! Those guitars are killin'!

Excellent... very interesting sound!

Enjoying your music this evening!

Wow! ... excellent guitars! Great ... great music! One of the best I've ever heard

Peace, love & respect from Canada. Thanks for the fan support.Wicked tracks, my friends. Prog with energy.
Reminds of Dixie Dregs. Very cool.

Thanks for becoming a fan guy!! PROG Rules well done for dareing to be different and doing it so well. hit me up anytime! best of luck M-Rancid

Wait is on our Sunday Playlist Great Stuff here!!

Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it. Excellent Musicianship throughout all plays today. I just pushed Play All and enjoyed every song on here. The Vocals are so Good. Good arrangements as well..
A couple of my picks: Wait, Alabaster, Report From Ganymedee and Paramatman...........Tony

ROCK ON.... :)

Brilliant music here and great talent.Best wishes,Sanjay

Hi! Guys. I really enjoyed, "Wait".
Robert Mitchell-GORGON

Great work. I like the combination of the classic prog rock elements with more modern style elelments.

..my compliments for your very interesting sound...


Awesome tunes guys! Cheers,

Fantastic tracks! So interesting and inventive!

Great sounds...fantastic composition..excellent job.Thanks for your cool music.Congrats.

Awesome music and guitar playing here°! Liked you at facebook too! Best regards Karlheinz

Once again, YOU ROCK ! :) GuNDi, RockstrØm

crazy awesome! Brilliant work here! ~cheers froskull!

fascinating compositions, intelligent and engaging

Excellent work.Greetings from Barcelona.

Outstanding froskull!!! Your music, musicianship, and production are all incredible!

Hi froskull, thx a lot for finding us and the fanship. You got some really cool stuff here! We'll be back to get deeper into your work asap! Laury, World-Sound-Colours

Playing Should Have Known, very nice, i hit your facebook, best wishes. JP

great stuff !!!! wish you a great time

Hey Guys, You got my attension and vote, awesome music and vocals. in my eyes you are stars way to go.
 Good luck and continued success
 Brian "The Hat"

Really great work on Wait, epic sounding song! ~ Jeff

Hey! Enjoying 'Wait' Awesome

Fantastic guitar work! You guys are absolutely great! Original, well recorded and produced!

Great music!!

Listening to "Wait" some great prog indeed... Much success to froskull. Very cool sounds!

Wow, the guitars and drum in "Wait" are killer bad-ass. Well all the music is, super job so have to come back for more. Keep me up to date, plus I would love to see live.

nice! lovin that acoustic guitar work!

Way good!

I am listening to "Wait." Great Vibes. Sincerely, Shane

Great music!!!

Great tunes...awesome band...outstanding vocals..you guys have it all...God Bless...

Storming tunes and guitar skill! -

Fantastic music

Alabaster is awsome man! all the best :)

Loving those progressive changes and the sheer musicianship. And, these tunes ROCK!

Epic tunes with some top of the line lead guitar work !! Awesome work everyone. Keep Rockin !! ~ Foxman

Great sound and well-performed tunes, enjoyed my visit!

Completely filthy (colloquially, filthy=excellent) playing and killer tracks! Cheers!

I’m a composer and pianist from Ukraine, impressed with your music and your performance. Best wishes to you!

It's nice to find some modern Prog out there! Keep it Up!

Hey guys. Great sound you have, really dig! Would be cool to work with you someday. Best wishes & rock on! SB

I love your music. May I wish you the very best of good luck.
Peter O' Sullivan

I like your style of mixing technology with real instrumental style. Wonderful talent :) I am going to hit your play all to experience the full round.

Great Music!!

I listened to a lot of bands on here, and you guys stood out. Good shit!

Just listening to A Thousand Years and must say technically it is top notch and very well engineered and produced
Nice to be able to hear the balance in the melodies and harmonies that drive the song structures.
The playing is fab! - Eyeplug Magazine

Just wanted to let you guys know that your music was the hit of my show last night. Everyone enjoyed it very much, one of our listeners even bought the CD today.

I got your cd in the mail today!! Im really diggin it. I put it in planning to listen to a few tracks and ended up listening to the whole thing. I will definitely be playing Froskull on all four of my shows. check the woodyradio.com home page for the schedule. My DJ name is DJ Dale Chaos. Cheers!!!

Great performance tonight Froskull!! You guys are awesome

Just listened to your tracks which I really like. amazing performances and the vocals are perfect

your cd hasn't left my CD player I've been spreading the message of froskull to all my friends your music takes you on journeys man!! Keep up the amazing work I can tell you really put your heart into this record

Great music, Froskull!:))) Stay unique as you are and sincere in what you do! Cheers!:))) \m/

Straight up, I played your CD in my car over and over for at least two months. It's awesome. As a matter of fact, I think I might have to pop it back in the player. Great music.

wasn't sure what to make of your music initially but it's seriously grown on me!

Awesome Compositions Composed from Beautiful Blend of Mystic melody and sublime Layering of Guitar... \m/

Really feeling the vibe from that song with ur premission id still love to put a hip hop spin to it !!!! Lol

I love the wait song Its my kinda music right their

send more links if u like 'cuz im a fan! ah, u guys are great by the way MAJOR LEAGUE TALENT

 very nice mix on your first tune. I like your lead vocalist's voice. Very trained yet mysterious and loose projection. Very difficult to pull off. A+

You guys are f---ing great! Yes is one of my top ten favorite classic rock bands! You're recordings are top notch and so are the tracks and I love "Wait" Man, when I enjoy someone's music, I let em' know! It ain't always bout the Likes and numbers! Stay in touch and always the best to ya! TK

Keep up your unbelievable creativity!

Love that WAIT song

Enjoying ´´Wait´´!Cheers!

Like your tracks! Good vocals!
--Slam Horse

Cool stuff love it

Great arrangement & production. Songs are interesting and theatrical. Awesome work!

Wow! Really beautiful!! -Gabriele Natussi-

superb band !!

wow Im definitely a fan, great sounds, I really love your arrangements! Keep it up!

i've got to say that you guys frickin awsome.

Cool music!!!

I love that Queen sounding beginning to
that song is great
keep playing
Wasted Daylight

killer musicianship!!! fun to listen!!

WAIT is awesome !!! GuNstrØm

nice work

so creative!
You blend so many different sounds and styles together so well

Your songs are tightly tuned, well laid, and perfectly played, Think I will go to Ganymede

not sure which one i like most will have to come back for another listen nice sounding guitar

Love the sound of Perihelion! That intro is awesome!

Awesome music keep rocking Nashville, TN <3 Kellie

listening to wait excellent lead guitar work love that breakdown half way through very good vocalwork aswell tune!!!

Awesome songs guys! Keep up the good work! DAMAGE DONE!!

Froskull, Thats just an awesome name to start with. The Songs are AWESOME! Alabaster is my fav. Some totally original from Nashville THAT ISN"T COUNTRY! YES! Keep up the great work guys.
-The Comet

Welcome to the New World of FroSkull

Enjoyed everything very much. 'Alabaster" really sat up and got me, love it! Thanks and g'day from Tasmania Oz :)

The 1st track is already on replay! Absolutely outstanding!
God bless

Yo, just passin thru and showing support, and listeninn to ur tracks. Keep that shit rockin hard, Nashville style

Great blend of styles. Clean mix. "wait" is very captivating. Peace.

Great sound, arrangements, guitar, vocals,
beautifully done.

Wait... really shines! Best of Luck. --bw

Just played all of your tracks, and it was very enjoyable. Love the care with which you have invested in crafted your music.

Nice music!... I like your song "Should have known" !

absoluteltely love "road to sto vo kor"
most awesome vocals!!! Just a great song!
cant get enough..

Really nice,really nice work

your stuff is super awesome, great work! fantastic style...

Awesome stuff,great production...

Wasn't sure what to expect, played "wait" and was blown away by the song on so many levels. Not many artists can do that do that to me. Keep up the great work, keep the torch burning bright.
-Chris/Crestfallen Still

Nice tunes, I like your style, cheers!


Great stuff, sounds good,

Unique sound you have here \m/


'wait' is fabulous!! The guitar is hot, the vocals are great, and the transition from the fiery intro into the smooth verse is brilliant.

WOW! Incredible :)

so well played and produced! great vocals... you got me, guys!

very nice!...i like your messages in your music and the way you deliver!...and your drummer is sick!...my goodness


I like your tracks. You have a really good blend of instruments that create a big clean sound. Great job.
cunsong, Carl

Huge talent guys! Clean, driving sound. Well done.

What up frosull! Y'all got a very unique sound as far as I'm concerned. Sounding pretty good.
Peace and respect,

awesome job !! bet you have music rows attention !! keep it real guys & rock on !!
adios ken

Great sound! Enjoying it now!

Nothing repetitious about this band. Sound brought together to wake up the bored. Awesome technical skills in every beat.

Incredible 'alabaster'. Funny... intro reminds me a bit of YES' 'And you and I'. Great stuff, guys ~ kappi

Great stuff! Love the edge, style, and orchestration. Rock it out!!!!!

Very interesting mixture, I like !

Love the "Yes" and "Dream Theater" influences! Intricate vocals are well blended. Great jams!

Wicked, wicked sound! Rich, melodic, dynamic. And l grew up in the 70s listening to every prog band that was out there at the time. You deserve the prog mantle for these end-times. Wow!

great sound im a fan!

I love your band sound. Really love your song, "Wait".

~ Very Well Done ~ Best Regards ~

Outstanding ~

Wonderful! Great musicianship, vocals, rhythms! I love it! Instant fan.

Interesting sound, keep up the good work

i love thisssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great tunes dudes. takes me back to my days in the late 60's thru mid 70's (what I can remember lol) - well put together musically and vocally, reminds me somewhat of early YES (one of my fav bands of the time) - Keep on rock'n, best regards, Joe


Wait, this is a really great song!!! Peace.

Creative Sound On *Alabaster* Will Listen Again!!!! :) T.

now this is something!

Great Work,
all the best,
best regards,

"Report from Ganymede"... oh yeah, this just keeps getting better. There's a real Jon Anderson/Yes feel about the songstructure and the way the vocal phrasing plays off against the guitar breaks. Feeling some Flower Kings and Frank Dunnery'esk A-tonal guitar work towards the end too. Loving it..... Nejjy

Hi guys. First 2 tracks, really great. Then at 0:54 on Alabaster the goosebumps started and I realised just how much I was loving it. Prog has had a huge revival since the mid 90's and it's brilliant to hear the genre is still progressing with bands like yours. Many respects for your brilliant songwriting, musicianship and vocal skills. So glad you found me...... Nejjy.

Great to hear some progressive rock coming out of Nashville! NIce work!

Very cool ~


powerful songs. great hooks,seems like you are ready for the big time. best of luck.

hey, enjoyed your page.

nice work, great songs and sound!!

You guys sound great! Very unique.

Your Great boss! More power! You rule!

Awesome Music!!!

You make GREAT music

Excellent music here! Great rock! Fantastic!:-)

Just listened to Perihelion with my mouth agape and then a huge smile everytime you surprise. Fresh, interesting and diverse. You guys own the word progressive!

Innovative to say the least! Congrats!

Great music. You have managed to capture the different elements from may genres and combined them into your own. Nice. Keep making the magic. All the best.

Way cool guys! I like your song, "Alabaster". The guitars are perfectly balanced. However, when the entire band comes in (i.e., bass, drums, and keys) I'm like, wow! Fanatastic guys! You must be amazing live.

Love the energy and creativity in your music! Great instrumentation. ~kc

awesome set list and page!


Your creativity impressed us!

I'm so very impressed with "Wait" ! Wishing you much success !

Long story short..Great tracks guys. Thanks for the listen :) Take care, Mary

Listening to Should Have Known now! Hear some XTC in there NICE

exciting & very entertaining rockin beats... amazing musicians, killer guitar play & great voice...

very orig. sound and sound!! g

So glad to hear prog-rock these days... y'all do it so well. I'm reminded of Yes, Genesis (the Peter Gabriel years), Rush, etc, etc... I think I'll stick around for a while!

saludos, buena música

Great music, innovative sound, thanks, best regards

great job!!

Enjoyed listening, keep on groovin!!!
Greetings from Bavaria. Best wishes :)

Nashville always ups the ante on technical expertise and real musicianship. Love the progressive sounds, and that y'all found me! -Janice

You guys got a great powerful Band here, interesting and well sounding mixture of styles, very beautiful vocal lines in "Wait"! Cool, powerful played guitars! Allover great art - Love ~ Laury, World-Sound-Colours

Great Band! Thanks for connecting...happy to be a new fan. Laney

Totally inventive,mesmerising music... the most innovative rock platter I've been served up for donkeys years...... definitely my numero uno...... I want more!!!

Wait: cool song! Some good ideas in your music. I like it. Best regards.

Wow you guys have a great sound. Wait is awesome love how it breaks down after the intro. Keep making good music.

Very Well Done ~ Absolutely Brilliant ~ Best Regards ~ Sean

Dear Froskull,
Magnificent guitar sound, cinematic and so beautiful texture, Excellent blend of music.Great vocals!
Absolutely love your universe. Great music here!

Back for another listen...this great.

Hey Froskull! Very much enjoyed stopping by to listen to a couple of your tunes. Sounding sweet!

Hello from Oklahoma !!!! you have a really good sound goin on !!!!

Loving the work..great job.

Well dang! Great sound! Unique!

absolutely scorching music here Steve..just knocked out by the almost dubstep-ish depth and detail of "wait" and the exploratory, progressive vibe to "perihelion"..incredible vocal work thoughout, and I just love the subtle blendings of electronic sounds with the heavy, twisty guitar tracks. Pretty damn breathtaking!

Back for Alabaster this morning. Splendid track. I love the musical back alleys you are travelling down. Frank Smith

Great prog. rock here. Diggin' the sweet ambrosia of Perihelion. Frank Smith

Awesome Music! Keep the rock coming. Unique and intriguing sounds!

Man, the more I listen to your tracks, it sounds really great. You do an awesome job on the music. Just goes to show you don't need a million dollars worth of gear - you capture the vibe and the feel of where it needs to go and it works well.

great musicians awesome music.love your songs.killer guitar

Have a great new year guys- love your songs!!

Here`s a great FAN - wishing a good new year 2014 ! still love your Music !

Most Impressive !

Very creative tracks. Great musicianship. W&W

nice tracks

Great tune's & energy you have here! Enjoying the listen.

Wow You are truly talente.

Stopping by to spin "Wait" today. Hope you guys are having a great weekend.

Wow, you guys are really good! Digging it! Reminds me of great ELP, Hawkwind and Magma stirred into a brilliant mix!

Love the music!

Thumbs up!

Showing some love & support from Winnipeg : )

You guys are cool, I want to be making stuff like this when I'm old. Really radical stuff, thanks for what you do.
<3 adam

you guys are like rush meets queen then your own elements, so awesome!

We enjoyed listening to your music! Best of luck with your musical endeavours! ~Kooper

Love, love your sound! We wish much success to you, the world needs music like this..

I freakin' love your jams! You have a new true fan, thanks...

Like the new CD  I'll order it to help support y'all. This is some cool stuff.

“meets the critera”…. Not only because there is great energy, but because it’s “different”