Our  Beloved Stephen Rockford Hammond, creator and leader of Froskull, was taken from us on February 9, 2016. He was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma in March of 2015, and although he was a dedicated health nut and athlete, having unparalleled strength of mind and body, his fierce battle with cancer was the only challenge in his life he could not overcome. He died a couple months before making the age of 35, leaving behind traces of a short, though prominent, lifetime of genius musical creations. His dedication, confidence, and passion show in the work he put into his music.


Rocky was the most admirable person I've ever known. It's so satisfying to know someone so honest, full of heart, and who works toward goals without blaming others or the world for his shortcomings and setbacks. Not only am I fortunate to have him as a role model as I work toward my own goals, but I am also fortunate that he put so much effort into his musical production... leaving behind the sounds emanating from fast and well-practiced fingertips along the thin neck of his Parker, intelligent and personal lyrics, and the sound of his voice.